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When compared to air freight and sea freight, rail freight is frequently the most economical and dependable option. Because of these savings, you can offer your clients competitive prices.
Transporting products efficiently and reliably is possible with a well-developed rail infrastructure and established logistics networks. This includes expedited customs processes with shorter wait times.
Your location in the Baltic area puts you in a prime location to provide logistical services to both the East and West. Goods traveling between Asia and Europe benefit from this strategic location because of the reduced transit times and prices.
Transportation by rail is intrinsically better for the environment than by vehicle or jet. Opting for rail logistics lessens environmental impacts and shows dedication to sustainability.
We can provide solutions for bulk commodities, containerized goods, or customized freight, regardless of the client's needs.

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Why Choose Our Solutions

You can order our logistics services by contacting us by phone, e-mail or by filling out the order form on our website.
Yes, we have an international network of partners, so we can provide logistics services not only in Lithuania, but also all over the world.
We cooperate only with reliable and experienced logistics partners who guarantee the safety of your cargo during the entire transportation process.
Delivery time depends on many factors, including the type of cargo, distance and selected tr
We provide a wide range of logistics services including rail, road, water, multimodal freight and many other services.

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